TagFlare gives insights into complex data relationships.

It was conceived to solve the complexities of turning diverse data into meaningful, clear and tangible insights. The net effect being empowered, organised and confident with all the data required for the task at hand right under your fingertips...

What does that mean in plain english?

If we take an example of a project manager who manages a team of developers, she may have word documents, spreadsheets, jira tickets, emails, chat conversations, links to sites, links to code commits and a host of other assets and information related to the project. On top of that she may also have a hirearchy or directories in place to make sense of her world.

To further compound complexity, our project manager manages multiple projects and teams, adding more complex navigation and technical debt.

TagFlare keeps a watchful eye on all these interactions and carefully creates logical groupings by mapping relationships, all in the background, so that when you need all the information at your fingertips for a specific story or feature, it is made available in a simple navigation map.

If that sounds like something you could benefit from, please reach out to discuss further