Assemblysoft host community events to knowledge share on the latest .Net and Blazor developments

.Net Foundation Events

We are proud members of the .Net Foundation

Assemblysoft host Blazor and .Net User group presentations as members of the dotnet foundation.

Assemblysoft provide ASP.NET Blazor, Azure and Azure DevOps presentations and events from industry leading experts.

We have always had a passion for sharing technical knowledge with the wider developer community which in turn keeps our fingers on the pulse of emerging technology.

Preparing technical demos, articles and online presentations as well as hosting great guests enables us to form superb relationships and pass on insights and deep know-how to our clients.

Many of the teams we put together to meet customer demands comprise members of our black book of technical experts, formed through collaborations with .Net Foundation advocates..

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Community Sponsorship

We are grateful to our sponsors who see our value, support us with donations and swag, motivating us to continue creating great content for our members and the community.

A big thanks to those that support us!

Syncfusion have not only provided us with community licences for their amazing components but also generously donated to enable us to offer swag and goodies at our events.

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