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Assemblysoft is a brilliant partner, listening to our requirements and delivering solutions very quickly but of high quality always using the latest technology. Migration to Azure and realisation of some cool cloud native solutions were the key accelerators to our business. Happy to continue working with Carl and his team.

Christian Hindsch ( Head of International Services at ELO Digital )

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Our Custom Software Development

We build software that is customised to your business requirements.

Getting to know your business goals and the challenges you want to overcome is what we do really well.

— Delivering Custom Software that exceeds expectations.
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Custom Software Application Development

We build custom software that works on all your phones, tablets and computers. We achieve this by writing the code just once, ensuring it just works everywhere. This saves your business money and time, while also delivering a consistent user experience for all your users.

Android Applications

Enhanced compatibility across Android mobile devices through a consolidated code-base, optimizing development efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

iOS Applications

Streamlined development and maintenance of iOS mobile applications using a unified code-base, driving cost efficiency and simplifying updates.

Windows Applications

Efficient deployment and streamlined maintenance for Windows applications through a unified code-base, leading to reduced development costs and simplified update processes.

Web Applications

Seamless integration of web applications on mobile phones, merging the flexibility of web platforms with the advanced features of smartphones to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

Cloud Backed

Cloud-enhanced application data management, ensuring a reliable and uniform experience across platforms through robust data synchronization and storage solutions.

Offline Continuity

Providing an offline mode feature, enabling uninterrupted productivity for users, ensuring they stay connected to their work anytime, anywhere, even without internet access.


Implementing comprehensive encryption and security protocols, guaranteeing the protection of your data at all times while meeting industry-specific compliance requirements, to safeguard your business operations.

All of this from a single code-base.

Our development approach leverages a single code-base to create applications compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Web platforms, offering your business significant time and cost savings by ensuring seamless operation across all devices.

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Windows Desktop Application Development

Our expertise spans developing a wide range of applications and services optimized for the Windows Operating System, leveraging the .NET Framework with C#. Our portfolio includes everything from Universal Windows Apps (UWP) and Windows Forms Apps (WinForms) to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Services, and ActiveX Controls, as well as Silverlight Applications, Console Applications, and modern solutions like Xamarin Forms and .NET MAUI.

This broad experience ensures we deliver high-quality Windows applications tailored to your needs.We build applications and services that run on the Windows Operating System (OS).

Windows application development services

Custom software development streamlines business operations by providing tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce manual workload, and seamlessly integrate with existing workflows, allowing businesses to focus on growth and core activities.

You Focus on your project goals and let us worry about the technical delivery details.

Cloud Native Software Solutions

Our focus is on crafting Cloud-native applications designed from the ground up for optimal cloud scalability and performance. Utilizing a microservices architecture and managed services, our applications are engineered to harness the full potential of cloud computing. With the integration of continuous delivery processes, we ensure enhanced reliability and a swift deployment cycle, particularly leveraging Microsoft Azure's robust cloud infrastructure for unparalleled efficiency and market readiness.

Custom cloud development services

We enhance the performance and reliability of cloud-native workloads by strictly following a comprehensive set of architectural principles, ensuring each application maximizes its cloud environment's potential for scalability, resilience, and efficiency.

Security Enhancement

Elevate app security throughout its lifecycle, emphasizing stringent measures in identity verification, access control, application integrity, and data privacy from inception through to deployment and maintenance.

Cost Optimization

Adopt a modular approach to development, beginning with core functionalities, gathering rapid feedback, and scaling progressively. This method ensures cost efficiency, analogous to constructing a home one room at a time, allowing for financial flexibility and focused investment.


Leverage automation to accelerate processes, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency. Implement comprehensive monitoring from the outset to swiftly address any issues, ensuring optimal performance and dependability of operations.


Adopt a scalable approach to meet fluctuating workload demands, emphasizing horizontal scaling and continuous performance evaluation. This strategy ensures your systems operate at peak efficiency, maintaining smooth and responsive services.


Design your systems for maximum durability and uninterrupted availability, with resilience strategies to quickly recover from disruptions. Focus on maintaining continuous access for users and developing robust recovery plans for potential system failures.


Drive continuous innovation by integrating user feedback, using advanced technologies, and applying agile practices. This dedication to progress boosts product quality, increases user satisfaction, and keeps your solutions competitive.

Our expertise enables us to distinguish between 'nice-to-haves' and 'must-haves' in your software development projects.

Custom Software Development Partnership Benefits

We work in short, 2-week iterations. You are kept in the loop for the entire project lifecycle, while we implement well-timed adjustments and our software development experts deliver your project on-time and on-point.

— A Process that our clients love

We prioritise essential features and functionalities, ensuring that your project aligns with your core business needs and goals.

— Get to MVP faster

Hire a development team who are experienced at designing modern applications that embrace rapid change, large scale, and resilience , in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Let's get started designing and building cloud native solutions to support your business processes.


Our European and US Software Engineering Teams, centrally coordinated from our headquarters in Bournemouth on the South Coast of the United Kingdom, specialize in the delivery of custom software solutions.

Our approach is rooted in mastery and transparency, ensuring our clients are fully informed and confident throughout every phase of the software project lifecycle. This strategic management not only fosters trust but also guarantees that our tailored software solutions are aligned with your business objectives, driving value and success.

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