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Digital Engineers with a passion for best in class Development, DevOps and the Cloud.

Fullstack .Net Development Shop. Extensive Microsoft Azure Experience.

Over 20 years extensive experience designing and developing enterprise level applications from concept to completion. Full software development lifecycle. Client, Server, Service, API, Micro Service, Middleware, Data, Frontend. Passionate about .Net technologies, DevOps and the Cloud.

— Carl Randall - Director

Available remotely or on site.

We can run in the background as an extension to your team or provide a full service that covers all your development and infrastructure requirements.

Real world experience with Digital Transformation and Migration into Microsoft Azure.

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Experience designing fully responsive, SEO compliant applications, adhering to best practices. Loosely coupled, service orientated architecture. Business driven development (BDD). Test driven development (TDD). Test first approach. Diagramming and Storyboarding using the latest tools.

Experience designing, developing and deploying end to end applications and services. Hosting secure websites and applications. Serverless strategies. Azure Devops strategies from version control through to production. Automated Pipelines and Artifacts.

Hands on commerical experience with .Net Framework 1.1 - 7, .Net Core, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Silverlight, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Binary | SOAP, Classic ASP, Asp,Net, ASP.Net MVC, Web API, Asp.Net Core, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, Windows Azure.

Tooling: Visual Studio 6 through to 17, Internet Information Services (IIS), IISExpress, Visual Studio Code, NuGet, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Online, Windows Azure Portal.

Commercial experience with C#, Javascript, Python, C, C++, SQL, Html 4 - 5, VBScript, XLST, XAML, Typescript, Batch scripts, Powershell, MSBuild scripts, Pascal, PHP, CGI, XML, XHtml, CSS, SASS.

Experience designing and developing database applications from concept through to production. Greenfield development of relation databases, flat file, Comma Separated Value (CSV), JSON, SQL, Stored Procedures, Views, XML, BLOB, Binary.

Sql Server 2000 - 2016,

Commercial experience as a DevOps engineer for cloud applications, apis and services.

Full Development and Deployment workflow from Desktop to the Cloud.

Automated - Build | Unit Test | Gated Source Control Integration | Integration Test | Smoke Test | Functional Test | Staging Deploy | Production Deploy | Rollback

Hands off workflow

Real ability to convey complex subject matter and design concepts in a clear, down to earth manner. Able to deliver public presentations and design orientated whiteboarding sessions to both technical and more people orientated personell. Pair programming and mentoring with a lighthearted approach to build confidence and feelings of shared ownership and success.

Passion and excitement needed to build enthusiasm and drive when faced with challenging circumstances.

Belief that all things are possible, coupled with the drive and skills to hit the deadline. If asked any question, the answer will always depend on the context


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Fully equipped with all the tools needed. You will experience tangible benefits from our first conversation.