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Hire Microsoft Certified Blazor Server developers with real-world experience delivering Blazor Server applications

We build responsive, secure and robust web applications that handle your business needs, with a great user experience.

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Assemblysoft are Microsoft Certified Developers

Assemblysoft is fantastic to work with! They're always there when you need them, communicate really well, and make everything super easy. From the beginning to the end, they've been an awesome partner. The team's passion for what they do creates a positive vibe that makes working with them a breeze. I highly recommend Assemblysoft for their great service and commitment to making customers happy. Definitely a five-star experience!

James Smith ( Project Lead at MADC LIMITED )

Is Blazor Server the right choice for your business?

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Our team can expertly assess and guide you to ensure you choose the right Blazor hosting model.  

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Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly, Blazor Hybrid, Blazor Fullstack UI, Blazor PWA

Blazor Server Development with Assemblysoft

Custom built Blazor Server applications and components backed by the full power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Full stack Blazor development.

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Microsoft Azure Developers

We are Azure Development Experts

We have real-world experience delivering custom cloud solutions to support your Blazor Server application.

We have worked on a range of Azure cloud projects with complex requirements and know how to leverage the entire set of services offered by the Azure environment to intelligently, and cost effectively, meet your business needs.

We have been developing and contributing to Blazor Server development before Blazor was officially released. Blazor is our preferred web and mobile framework

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Watch a video that describes in some detail what Blazor Server is and what some of the benefits are for your business.



Custom software expertly designed and built by Microsoft Certified Developers

Assemblysoft have consistently proven themselves as trustworthy, responsive partners.

David Roome ( COO - Synapser )( Chief Operations Officer - Synapser )

Team up with a software partner who pride themselves on sustainable development best practice.

Our Remote Specialised Team Building Robust Blazor Server Solutions

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Blazor Server FAQs

Blazor Server

Gain a client experience that only a Single Page Application (SPA) can deliver, with realtime updates from the Server over a SignalR connection delivering efficient real time updates to the screen.

Let us develop a secure and robust Blazor Server application that is .NET 8 ready and built using reusable Razor components and C#, benefiting from the entire .NET ecosystem of libraries and packages and delivering on user experience and efficiency.

Assemblysoft are a Blazor Server development company, based in the United Kingdom. Blazor is not just another service that we offer, it is what we specialise in, day in, day out.

We have completed numerous Blazor Server projects for our clients, and know how to get the best out of the Blazor framework and .NET ecosystem. We know what works and what doesn't and our expert team know how to deliver clean code following best practice.

As with many technology choices, especially those that will affect your future business goals, the answer is, "It depends". We know that initial answer can be a little infuriating at first but we need to ensure we offer you the best value for the success of your business. An initial consultation with us will often clearly identify the best fit. We are positive it is Blazor, but there are a number of options to ensure delivery of the best product that you want to build.

Assemblysoft are an expert Blazor development company, and know how to get the best out of all the hosting models and rendering modes. Starting with .NET 8, we are able to future proof your Blazor hosting model decision by getting the best out of both Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly and Static Server Rendering. Talk to us to find out more, we love talking about Blazor!

Yes. There are various hosting or rendering models that Blazor supports, including Blazor Server. Blazor can therefore be applied in several ways. All current browsers can render Blazor Server because it merely transmits HTML and CSS to the client in a very efficient manner.

On every operating system, Blazor Server is compatible with all current browsers. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and their mobile versions all work seamlessly with your Blazor Server application developed by Assemblysoft.

1. Faster time to market

Due to its code reusability, developers can write the application code in less time, and with more efficiency, using the same .NET framework and C# programming language. This allows businesses to develop their applications faster and help them to stand the competition.

2. Cross-platform support

The web applications built using Blazor provide cross-platform support to reach a large audience base, offering a consistent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that helps businesses to achieve their goals consistently and sustainably.

3. Enhanced security

Blazor does not rely on JavaScript, although Javascript interop is fully supported, but rather harnesses the .NET runtime security features, providing an extra protection layer against cyber threats and also minimising the risk of Cross site scripting (XSS) attacks.

1. Blazor server Application Development

We don't just provide custom app development but also offer integration with other platforms. Additionally, our Blazor app development also offers round-the-clock maintenance and support. We leverage the latest technologies to ensure reliable business solutions.

2. Custom Blazor Server Development

Our team of experts specializes in Microsoft development services. This provides tailored solutions that cater to your unique business requirements. We utilize industry best practices to make your app robust and scalable.

3. Product Development

Our product development services are designed to take your idea from conception to launch. Plus, covering every step in between. With our Blazor front-end development expertise, we ensure a seamless user experience.

3. Blazor Server Migration Solutions

Our product development services are designed to take your idea from conception to launch. Plus, covering every step in between. With our Blazor front-end development expertise, we ensure a seamless user experience.

4. Blazor Server Integration Services

We provide businesses with the ability to seamlessly integrate their systems with third-party platforms. This improves workflows and enhances functionality. Our expert team ensures efficient integration and seamless communication between systems.

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