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Our Custom Expertise

We deliver rock-solid software that just works.

We know what to use when and how to get it right, on time and on budget.

— End-to-end. We have you covered.
Assemblysoft are Microsoft Certifed Developers

Assemblysoft is fantastic to work with! They're always there when you need them, communicate really well, and make everything super easy. From the beginning to the end, they've been an awesome partner. The team's passion for what they do creates a positive vibe that makes working with them a breeze. I highly recommend Assemblysoft for their great service and commitment to making customers happy. Definitely a five-star experience!

James Smith ( Project Lead at MADC LIMITED )

.NET Mobile Application Development

Develop Once, Run Everywhere. Cross-platform applications, written in .NET, that are consistent and cost effective for your business.

Android Applications

Native support for Android mobile devices with the same, shared, code-base.

iOS Applications

Native iOS mobile applications with the same, shared, code-base.

Windows Applications

Native support for Windows using the same, shared, code-base.

Web Applications

Web applications that run natively on a mobile phone, combining the best of web with the capabilities of the smart phone.

Cloud Backed

Application data backed by the cloud for a consistent and robust experience.

Offline Continuity

Offering offline mode, so your users can continue working while on the go, anywhere, anytime.


End-to-end encryption and security best practices, ensuring your data remains safe at all times and adheres to compliance standards for your business domain.

All of this from a single code-base.

We develop applications that run on Android | iOS | Windows and Web, all from a single code-base saving your business time and cost as our applications run everywhere.

.NET Development Services We Provide

Custom .NET Software Development

With .NET we create anything from web applications and interactive websites, mobile applications, desktop applications and services to games and plugins.

We have been a part of .NET since it's inception, leveraging the entire .NET Framework and ecosystem for our projects and clients.

Integration & API Development

Seamlessly connect .NET applications with databases, APIs, ERPs, CRMs, and more. Sharing data simplifies business processes and improves cross-functional collaboration.

Our .NET developers leverage many tools in the ecosystem. We use frameworks like WCF and Entity Framework for integrations, ASP.NET Web API to build RESTful APIs, and vendor SDKs to integrate with CRMs and ERPs.

Migration and Modernization

We help companies modernise their .NET applications and migrate legacy apps to .NET. Our priority? Seamless experience for our clients, with Zero downtime.

For example, you can migrate from IBM Cloud to AWS or vice versa and update your framework from Classic ASP to ASP.NET. Our .NET development teams will refresh your architecture and tech stack. With modernized workloads, you'll see improved reliability and scalability and cut down on long-term costs.

Cloud-Based Solutions

We’ve built fast, cloud-native .NET solutions for dozens of companies.

We promote better resource usage and reduce costs by implementing a scalable microservices architecture with ASP.NET Core. We also build scalable web applications and host them on cloud services like Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, and more. By tapping into tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Azure Functions, we create a .NET solution that’s easy to maintain, fast to deploy, and adaptable to changing business needs.

E-commerce Solutions

We’ve built several secure, scalable, high-performance e-commerce websites for established and emerging brands using .NET.

Our developers create the back-end infrastructure, add secure payment gateways, and facilitate integrations by leveraging ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core.

Enterprise Solutions

The .NET platform is versatile and well-suited for custom software development, particularly for organizations already familiar with the Microsoft stack.

Our .NET developers use the ecosystem's many tools and frameworks to build various custom solutions. We leverage tools like Microsoft Dynamic 365, ASP.NET, and Azure Services to build platforms like ERPs, CRMs, and BI solutions. .NET’s enterprise support and large developer community make it ideal for enterprise applications.

Rapidly onboarding and digesting your existing software and company vision, while selecting the best fit innovation for your future business, takes skill and expertise.

We are Microsoft Development Specialists.

We are your dedicated .NET Team.

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Some of the Amazing Clients we have worked with

We code AND decode technical solutions

Solving problems and turning ideas into secure and reliable software solutions, but we are much more than that.

We have a unique ability, gained over many years, to convey complex into simple.

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Cloud native solutions  

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We build custom software applications backed by cloud native services, combined with solid solutions architecture to produce secure, robust, sustainable software that our clients love.


At the heart of our service offering is specialized .NET application development, designed to leverage the full capabilities of .NET technologies to meet your unique business requirements. Our dedication to excellence and innovation in .NET development ensures that we deliver not just applications, but transformative business tools. Explore how our strategic implementation and commitment to quality can bring your vision to life.


End-to-End .NET Development Services

We offer end-to-end .NET development services, encompassing everything from initial consulting and planning to development, deployment, and ongoing support. Our team is adept at utilizing the full spectrum of .NET capabilities to create solutions that are not only efficient but also secure and future-proof.


Focused on Business Impact

Our commitment goes beyond just delivering technical solutions. We focus on creating .NET applications that have a tangible impact on your business, enhancing operational efficiency, improving customer engagement, and driving growth.


Strategic Implementation

Our strategic implementation of .NET development projects involves a step-by-step methodology that prioritizes clear communication, meticulous planning, and expert execution. This ensures that we not only meet but exceed client expectations, delivering projects on time and within budget.

.NET Development Agency

We are .NET specialists. We have real world experience developing ASP.NET, Blazor and .NET applications and services.

We are a .NET development company.

As a Microsoft partner, we create bespoke software applications targeting .NET and Azure, the Microsoft Cloud.

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