Liverpool Victoria

Some of the amazing things we have been a part of

Online Trusts

Project description

The design brief for the LV= Online Trusts tool was a quick and easy way to put a policy into trust, without giving financial advise but making it as straightforward as possible by the use of electronic signatures.

With over several thousand permeatations resulting from the products and options supported, a decision tree design was formulated and developed using .Net Core.

In parallel an Azure DevOps pipeline was designed and developed to support the DevOps process of rapid development and release cycles into Microsoft Azure. Security penetration testing, gated checkins, automated unit and integration tests for client side and server side features, deployment slots, user acceptance testing capabilities and multiple team level approvals were just a sample of the smarts employed which led to a day 1 production deployment without incident.

Project details

LV= Adviser

Project description

Adviser is an essential application for day to day running of the business providing financial advisers with the tools necessary to support their clients.

Our role was to fully customise and develop services, applications and features for this key enterprise level system.

We created a hybrid DevOps process and set of applications to role out upgrades and maintenance releases with a 100% success rate. Care, best practices, diligence and a sense of ownership created a state of stability not seen prior to our engagement.

Project details


Project description

the website acts as the gateway to the rest of the business and thus plays a key role for customers and key services.

Our role was to fully customise, develop and support the custom content management system (CMS) employed on the LV estate. We also worked on performance enhancements, regular security testing, search engine optimisation (SEO), analytics, reporting and a host of other cross cutting activities to deliver a stable and robust environment for multiple teams to perform their day to day duties.

We also aided in the digital transformation process to bring the tooling and processes forward enabling future capabilities.

Project details