What we do

What we do best

Here at AssemblySoft, we are web development specialists, focusing on producing and maintaining secure and robust .NET web applications and services in Microsoft Azure.

Projects we have supported range from maintenance of an existing CMS to booking systems, e-commerce platforms, back-office services, rich web and windows applications and much much more.

.NET applications

We have been developing with .Net since it's inception. We have real-world experience designing and developing applications that target the .NET framework.

.NET Core applications

The majority of our new projects are utilising .Net Core. Being able to develop fast, lightweight applications that target cross platform scenarios with a single code base is a beautiful thing when executed correctly.


Whether you have an onsite installation or already in the cloud, we can add value from our first conversation.

We specialise in migration to the cloud while maintaining your existing offering, providing seamless digital transformation with zero downtime.


Windows Azure

Developing for Microsoft Azure right from the beginning has enabled us to utilise a large array of services available from the Microsoft cloud and put us in a favourable position of understanding what works best for a given application scenario, coupled with the experience to deliver cloud consultancy and solutions.

Azure DevOps

We are Azure DevOps advocates and to coin a phrase, 'we eat our own dogfood' by fully utilising Azure DevOps in our own projects. The flexibility and power a well designed CI/CD pipeline can add to the software development lifecycle is one of the biggest leaps we have seen in years.

We recently completed a full end to end DevOps pipeline for a large organisation and it has completely transformed their ability to react to change, at speed, with full confidence from code quality through to approvals from varying groups of stakeholders and release teams.


We get data. Most projects have some data requirements and we have a ton of experience with all kinds of data stores and data formats including JSON, XML, CSV, XAML, SQL, SQL Server, MySql, NoSql, Azure Blob, Azure Table Storage, Google Drive, DropBox, Azure Files, Entity Framework Core and many more.

Angular Applications

Rich frontend applications that deliver awesome UX and at the same time compliment the backend design with best in class module and componentisation are shaping the frontend web experience.

Our customers are demanding more performant, richer user experiences and we have real world experience having developed 2 major applications with the client side written in Angular.

Other Technologies

We know the complexity and often the amount of technologies that go into many complex applications. We have real world exposure to many other languages and technologies such as C, C++, Visual C++, Python, Pascal, Javascript, HTML5, Powershell, Batch scripts, NodeJs, Google Apis, Firebase and the list goes on. If you have a legacy application or a monolith that requires digital transformation then we can really add value to your project.