Our Favourite Web Framework

Fast and maintainable Blazor application development in Bournemouth with one shared code base

Assemblysoft and Microsoft Blazor

Here at Assemblysoft we are passionate about Blazor. Being able to write your entire application in .NET is a major advantage and cost benefit. We pride ourselves in being .NET experts, the core technology underpinning Blazor. Not only can we provide development support for all the amazing features offered by this open source Framework but we can also extend and customise to suite your requirements and strategy.

Let us help you build the next great thing using Blazor, which is being touted as the future of .NET Web Development. Rich .NET applications both client side and server side are now a reality that could be a turning point for the web development world. It’s a new breed of web application framework that runs .NET in the browser through WebAssembly (WASM).

Flexible & Customizable

We have been developing with Blazor since pre-release and have real world experience and know how to deliver your Blazor application.

Combined with our Microsoft Azure experience the combination of technologies is a perfect fit.

Talk to us today about ASP.NET Blazor and your project.